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  • Is flying trapeze safe?
    Safety is our number one priority. Students are harnessed and connected to a spotting safety line from the moment they climb the ladder until they are back on the ground. Out-of-lines flying only occurs once an instructor determines that a student has a proper take-off and can correctly land in the net. Our instructors are highly skilled and responsive to each flyer, meeting each student at their individual comfort level and helping them progress at their own pace.
  • What is the age range for flying trapeze?
    Our minimum age is 5 years old (contingent on the safety harness fitting correctly). There is no maximum age limit as long as you are comfortable swinging and can support your own body weight. Our general classes are open to all ages 5 and up (fun for families and friends to take a class together). We also offer group bookings and parties for adults & kids/teens.
  • How long are classes?
    Our classes are typically 2 hours long. For safety reasons, instructors may decide to end class early, as fatigue risk increases.
  • What is your pricing?
    You can check our class prices HERE
  • What should I wear?
    Comfortable, form-fitting athletic clothes that can be layered (for temperature changes) and pants that go below the knee (for when you're hanging from the bar by your knees). Please also wear socks and remove all jewelry. Long hair should be secured with a hair tie. Please wear contact lenses or make sure your glasses are secured.
  • What is your cancelation/refund policy?
    Please see our cancelation policy HERE
  • How do I reschedule a class I booked?
    Please email us ( or call us (303-356-7927) and we will work with you to reschedule your class. (No rescheduling within 48 hours)
  • Do you offer private classes?
    We do! Private classes are great to get tailored one-on-one or small group coaching by our experienced instructors. Please email us at to get a session booked.
  • How do I schedule a private event/party?
    We love to celebrate! Click HERE to learn more about private events and group bookings. If you're looking for a birthday party for kids/teens, click HERE.
  • What is your alcohol/drug policy?
    NO alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping within the fenced-in Fly Mile High trapeze area. This will be strictly enforced. If we deem that you are under the influence, you will be removed from the class and/or trapeze area without a refund.
  • Is there a weight limit?
    The weight limit is 250 lbs. For safety reasons, we may ask you not to fly if the safety harness does not fit properly, regardless of your weight.
  • May I fly if I am pregnant?
    No, due to risks of collision and abdominal trauma, we ask that you do not fly while pregnant.
  • What if I have an injury or preexisting condition?
    Please inform us ahead of time of your medical history and we can decide together if flying trapeze is right for you.
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